Keeping To Strategic Processes Is All-Important!

You are probably a senior executive in the mining industry, responsible for the growth and profitability of your organisation. You have worked hard to achieve your position in the company and understand the importance of continuing to create great results.

Your role is really about the strategies you create and employ to optimise the value of your company’s assets.

All of these assets contain value. Therefore it is likely that, on one level or another, you are being measured on your ability to optimise these assets to attain their full strategic value.

We work with our clients on several key fronts including solutions to:

  • The best ways to optimise opportunities to bring your project in on time and on budget
  • How to cultivate the ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Methods for improving your organisational structure (getting the right people to give you the results you’re looking for)
  • How to determine what you really need to make the best strategic decisions
  • How to avoid projects that fail to meet investor hurdle returns

A Personal Note From Sten…

As an advisor to senior executives in the international mining industry, I have a clear understanding of how to initiate, manage and bring to successful completion a wide variety of mining projects, from concept and exploration to full operation. My experience includes projects in Europe, Africa, and South East Asia, and covers precious metals, iron ore, mineral sands, and polymetallic projects at all stages of development.

I have worked on projects which require investment of anywhere from $100 million to $6 billion. There will always be a timeframe in which investors want their principal investment returned, and if you cannot show them that you are able to deliver, then your project is never going to get off the drawing board.

I offer proven methodologies that will put you on a path of creating and optimising strategic asset value from greenfield and brownfield projects, as well as from existing operations. These apply equally to situations where you know there are problems, challenges, and issues which need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

About Sten Soderstrom

Sten Soderstrom is The Trusted Authority On Strategic Value Creation For The Mining Industry. For over 30 years, he has initiated, managed, and brought to successful completion numerous projects, working closely with senior executives at every stage of the process, from concept and exploration to operation.

Sten’s extensive knowledge and experience of this complex industry is combined with a genuine passion to help others optimise their operations and increase the market capitalisation of their companies.

With a proven methodology for creating strategic asset value founded in four key areas—commercial, legal, people, and technical, Sten understands how to bring these elements together to enable organisations to bring their projects in on time, and on budget.

By ensuring executives have the right organisational structure, systems, processes, and project management in place, Sten helps create high levels of value new and existing projects and operations, working to bring the outcomes into line with the aspirations of the company.

In Creating & Optimising Strategic Asset Value, Sten Soderstrom reveals the roadblocks that cause senior executives to suffer setbacks and shows that it is possible to clear the path and enjoy the benefits of a smooth journey to your destination.